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The RP Group

Evaluation of the California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative (CAI) designed to provide feedback on the development and implementation of an education planning and degree audit system for the state.

Evaluation of the California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative (CAI) designed to provide feedback on the development and implementation of an online course exchange and related student support services for the state.


Quantitative analysis of the impact of GE courses incorporating high-impact practices at the community college level on student performance, and guidance on, and dissemination of, the final report.

Timeline 2018 Evaluation of activities associated with Senate Bill (SB) 1391 (an interagency agreement to be created between the CCCCO and Califor...
Areas of Impact > Equity

Timeline 2020-2021

Timeline 2017-2018 Identify post-secondary institutions offering cybersecurity programs, and administer a survey to these programs to inventory pr...

Series of four inquiry guides documenting approaches and insights emerging from the Completion by Design initiative, focused on developing guided pathways to improve student completion and success.

Instructional strategy and multifaceted resource for practitioners — particularly CTE, math, English, and ESL instructional and counseling faculty — for teaching basic skills in a context that is meaningful and relevant to students' lives.

Joint study with the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) and EdInsights to understand why students who are eligible to receive a Cal Grant award choose not to take the award during their enrollment. The purpose of this study is to understand the reasons why students decline the funds and identify possible strategies for improving the Cal Grant usage rates among students to support their education.

Areas of Impact > Equity

Online tool with a library of support resources enabling colleges to find, understand, and use CTE data in order to strengthen and improve student transitions from K-12 through college and into the workforce.

Timeline 2017-2018 The RP Group will conduct a series of focus groups at Cuesta College designed to learn more about students’ experien...
Areas of Impact > Equity

Regional workforce initiative that enables 11 community colleges to develop regionally articulated programs for dislocated workers or unemployed adults to earn degrees or credentials that enable them to enter the workforce in industries with growing occupational demand and opportunities for career and wage advancement.

Online toolkit offering a suite of resources to assist secondary and community college partners in launching or strengthening dual enrollment programs.

Report on effective practices for the successful transition of students from high school to college entry as documented in research-based literature.

Research brief that identifies the skills and competencies needed to effectively use LMI resources and assist practitioners in gathering local LMI.

Research on methods for improving weekly student contact hours forecasts for the CCCCO.

Overview documents that outline internal and external trends shaping the system’s future as part of the statewide strategic planning process for California Community Colleges.

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