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 IRPE Professional Development Program Overview

In alignment with our organizational strategy, the Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE) Professional Development Program is structured to cohesively address the specific needs of CCC IRPE practitioners and is composed of in-person and online conferences, webinars, facilitated conversations, knowledge-sharing groups and platforms, and other identified needed resources for the field. The program is collaboratively led by the Board Vice President of IRPE Professional Development and Membership; the Senior Director of Professional Development; and the Director of Learning & Strategy.

For questions and more information regarding the RP Group's IRPE Professional Development Program, please contact Lila Tavelli, Professional Development & Membership Manager, at

 Program Mission, Vision, and Goals


Developing student-centered leaders and advancing the institutional research, planning, and effectiveness (IRPE) profession


Develop institutional research, planning, and effectiveness leaders at all levels to meet the changing needs of California’s community colleges through professional learning experiences, networking, and community building

2023-24 Goals: 

  • Provide training that includes tools and frameworks that are designed to prepare IRPE practitioners to facilitate (and participate in) authentic and intentional conversations regarding racism and racial equity

  • Increase professional development offerings on student-centered and equity-minded planning (all types of plans, all levels of planning)

  • Advance equitable representation in the field by providing resources and training to IRPE offices on hiring and maintaining a diverse IRPE community

 Program Offerings

Our IRPE Professional Development Program offerings include:

The annual RP Conference

Regional Research Groups

IRPE Summer Institute

Webinars and Workshops

PIER to PIER Group Chats

RP Listserv

The RP Group IRPE Professional Development Events 2022-23 infographic. Click the image to view the PDF.

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