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Collaboration is fundamental to our organization and woven throughout nearly all aspects of our work. We invite colleges, districts, and other stakeholders to join our vibrant network of dedicated individuals and organizations. As an RP Group member, you’ll be connected and engaged with a wide cross-section of California Community College professionals and will have the opportunity to discover best strategies for building institutional effectiveness, supporting student learning, and increasing equitable outcomes.


Who can join the RP Group?

We welcome individual California Community Colleges and district offices to become members of our organization. Once your college or district office joins, any number of employees may access the RP Group’s services. If a district office joins the RP Group, individual institutions within the district must still pay membership fees in order for its employees to access member benefits (and vice versa).

Individuals who are not employed at a California Community College and organizations working in support of community colleges may also join the RP Group at the associate level. 

Individuals and organizations that join as associates have access to the RP Group’s network and will receive information on our numerous professional development opportunities, research and evaluation projects, tools and resources for practitioners, etc.

Associates do not have voting rights and do not receive discounted member rates at RP Group sponsored conferences, academies, or institutes.

What does membership cost?

Membership fees (July 2024–June 2025) are $590/year. This fee applies to both individual community colleges and community college district offices. Annual increases or decreases to the college and district membership rate are determined by year-over-year changes to the Western Region Consumer Price Index rate determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Associate level memberships are $150 for organizations and $75 for individuals.

What do my membership fees support?

RP Group membership dues contribute to providing affordable professional development to members. These funds also enable us to keep our website resources up to date, cover regional research group costs, and support a variety of conferences, workshops, webinars, and institutes.

With questions...

Please contact

Becoming a member offers a chance to grow relationships with peers, build skills, test new tools, design change initiatives, and reflect on improvement efforts. Members are able to tap a vast community of practitioners through the organization’s listservs, offering immediate connection to specific resources and insights on how to approach day-to-day research and planning issues.

Additionally, members have access to our highly qualified staff and consultants who can provide assistance on issues associated with planning, professional development, research, and evaluation.

Ultimately, membership places you in a vibrant network of dedicated individuals and organizations focused on helping colleges ensure the success of all students and the effectiveness of every institution across California’s Community College system.

All Member Level Benefits

As a member you have access to a wide-range of benefits such as:

  • Access to free professional development and training opportunities

  • Access to a regional RP Group Board Member

  • Participation in RP Group online communities 

  • Early access to the results of our informative Survey of IRPE Offices 

  • Access to targeted resources and networking opportunities

  • Regional Research Group organization and planning support 

  • Access to our annual membership meeting at the RP Conference as well as additional virtual meetings throughout the year on an as-needed basis to address critical topics/questions/concerns for IRPE professionals

Institutional Member Level Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, institutional members also receive the following benefits:

  • Access to discounted professional development and training opportunities such as the Strengthening Student Success Conference, the Research and Planning Conference, IRPE Summer Institute, and our fee-based workshop and webinar series

  • Eligibility to serve on the RP Group Board

  • Institutional voting rights for RP Group Board candidates 

  • Opportunities to serve on statewide committees to help shape advocacy and professional development offerings 

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with you!

Those new to the RP Group should fill out and mail or email the contact form and submit payment. Current members and associates renew their memberships at the beginning of each academic year and should mail or email an updated contact form with their dues.

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RP Group 2023–24 Institutional Membership Packet

Membership Options:
Member - District Office:  $590/year  
Member - College:  $590/year
Associate - Organization:  $150/year  
Associate - Individual:  $75/year

Payment Options:
Check payable to RP Group
Credit Card via PayPal


We invite anyone interested in growing their own professional development and helping to make a difference in the state, to please complete an RP Group Statewide Representation & Committee Volunteer Application. To learn more about what is involved in serving, please refer to Representing The RP Group on Statewide Committee FAQs.

Your responses are confidential and will not be shared outside The RP Group.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Find brief descriptions of the committees listed above.

When an opportunity arises that matches your interests and experiences, we will contact you to determine if you are interested and able to serve. Please note that we may receive more applications than opportunities available. Therefore, submission of this application is not a guarantee of appointment. We will keep submissions for up to five years and you can remove yourself from consideration or update your application at any time.

Please contact Lila Tavelli, Professional Development Program Coordinator and Events Manager, at

RP Group Membership Contact Information: