Friday, June 21, 2024
The RP Group

Core Values

Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Code of Ethics

Our Board of Directors, staff, consultants, and volunteers are committed and devoted to a common goal: student success and equity in our California Community Colleges. In addition to our shared Mission, Vision, and Core Values, we are guided by a Code of Ethics and a commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in our work and culture. Please read more below.

Our Mission

As the representative organization for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE) professionals in the California Community Colleges (CCC) system, The RP Group strengthens the ability of CCC to discover and undertake high-quality research, planning, and assessments that improve evidence-based decision-making, institutional effectiveness, and success for all students.

Please go here to see our Strategic Plan through 2024.

Our Vision

The RP Group strives to build a community college culture that views planning, evidence-based decision-making, and institutional effectiveness as integral, collaborative strategies that work together to promote student success, increase equitable outcomes, improve college operations, and inform policymakers.

Our Core Values

Our projects, products, and initiatives are carefully researched, thoroughly vetted, and broadly informed.

Our board, staff, consultants, volunteers, and members have direct experience with community colleges and share a deep passion for ensuring the success of our students and institutions.

We are motivated to equip our community colleges to significantly improve achievement among students historically underserved by our institutions and to provide a path to mobility for those most vulnerable in our society.

Our engaging, action-oriented, and practitioner-based approach draws on the collective wisdom of our system and empowers our stakeholders and clients to lead their own meaningful inquiry and evidence-based decision-making.