Monday, April 22, 2019
The RP Group



We conduct evaluation projects that measure impact by providing useful evidence to both practitioners and funders.

Our on-the-ground approach, mixed with our ability to arrive at deep insights on high-level issues, allow us to provide timely and useful feedback on key reform and policy initiatives at the regional, state, and federal levels. Ultimately, we approach evaluation as a partnership with our clients. 

For questions about how you can contract the RP Group for Research, Planning, Evaluation, or Technical Assistance services, please contact the Associate Director of Research and Evaluation​ Tim Nguyen.

What We Offer

Our unique approach allows us to offer:

  1. Assistance, support, training, and facilitation for comprehensive evaluations
  2. Evaluation using appropriate quantitative and qualitative measures for analyzing data
  3. Support for the use of evaluation findings for action and improvement