Friday, June 21, 2024
The RP Group



Through collaboration and commitment to quality, it is our opportunity at The RP Group to shine a light on effective policy and practice based on data and evidence.

We also aim to expand the definition of “research and planning” in the minds of California Community College researchers and educators and to facilitate a conversation between these stakeholders so that each group can better leverage and access each other’s work for their own professional growth and the growth of students.

Through this collaborative and broadened lens, we believe the success of all students can be greatly increased including at the local, regional, and state levels. We encourage you to view some of our past and current work.

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What We Offer

Our unique approach allows us to offer:

  • Side-by-side collaboration with clients to interpret evidence

  • Appropriate, collaborative, action-oriented steps

  • Expanded college and system-level research and planning capacity

  • Support in the reduction of equity achievement gaps

  • Data and findings that facilitate the streamlining and strengthening of student completion

  • Support of favorable, evidenced-based outcomes