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IRPE Summer Institute 2022-23

 IRPE Summer Institute

Thank you to everyone who participated in IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022-23! Stay tuned for information about the next Summer Institute coming soon!

What is the IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022–23?

The IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022–23 provides an immersive 10-month, two-track learning experience for both IRPE Newcomers and Seasoned Professionals.

This year-long event will serve as an immersive learning experience for IRPE professionals focused on equity-minded leadership, specifically on advancing racial equity and social justice across our colleges. Within this context, participants will identify, apply, and evaluate essential skills as IRPE professionals.

Who Should Attend the IRPE Summer Institute?

The IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022–23 is a professional development opportunity designed to validate, engage, and build upon diverse experiences and backgrounds IRPE professionals bring to the field. Any IRPE professional, who is interested in advancing racial equity and social justice at their college or district, is invited to participate. The institute will include two tracks, one for those who recently entered (for example, within the past two years) the IRPE field in the California Community Colleges, and another for those who have been in the field for a number of years that are looking to grow their leadership skills. The institute will leverage interactive breakout sessions, panel presentations, hands-on learning experiences, and online modules to optimize the learning experience for participants.

When is the IRPE Summer Institute?

The IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022–23 will begin with a 2 ½ day all inclusive in-person kick-off event from Tuesday, August 2–Thursday, August 4, 2022 at Kellogg West Hotel and Conference Center located at Cal Poly Pomona. In addition, virtual sessions focused on topics relevant to newcomers and seasoned professionals will be offered during the fall (September–November, 2022) and spring (February–May, 2023) semesters. The institute will culminate with an all inclusive wrap-up event and participant project showcase on June 14–15, 2023 at Kellogg West.

What Can I Expect?

At the IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022–23, participants can expect to connect with IRPE colleagues from across the state who are committed to advancing racial equity and social justice across California’s community colleges. Participants can also expect to engage in IRPE-focused breakout sessions, activities, discussions, and projects with colleagues within the context of racial equity and social justice.

Participants will complete the IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2022–23 with tools, resources, and strategies that will advance their racial equity and social justice work at your institution. In addition, participants will expand their professional network of support and will develop an increased awareness of The RP Group and IRPE community resources to enhance their racial equity and social justice work.


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