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Dual Enrollment Toolkit




The RP Group and the Career Ladders Project collaborated to develop and disseminate an online dual enrollment toolkit, focusing specifically on concrete guidance and resources for secondary-postsecondary partnerships that support historically underrepresented high school students in earning college credits at California Community Colleges while they complete the requirements for their high school diplomas.

This project builds on the RP Group’s 2014 Guide to Launching and Expanding Dual Enrollment Programs for Historically Underserved Students in California, which offered practical resources (including key components, practices, and opportunities/challenges as well as performance indicators and data sources) for launching and/or expanding dual enrollment initiatives with a focus on underserved student populations.

The online dual enrollment toolkit includes:

  • Definitions and models
  • Tools for marketing, communications, and messaging
  • Examples of registration and enrollment materials
  • Resources, guidance, and information related to the implementation of dual enrollment as outlined by Assembly Bill (AB) 288, College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnerships
  • Guidance for partnerships that were formed prior to the passage of AB 288
  • Insights on other policies, regulations, and legislation

RP Group Lead

Rogéair Purnell, Project Director


Priyadarshini Chaplot, MBA, Kelley Karandjeff, EdM


Rancho Santiago Community College District, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office


Career Ladders Project

Guides and Tools

Dual Enrollment Toolkit

Toolkit offering a suite of resources including definitions and models, communication tools, frequently asked questions, and recent legislation and opinions to assist secondary and community college partners in launching or strengthening dual enrollment programs.

A Guide to Launching and Expanding Dual Enrollment Programs for Historically Underserved Students in California

Guide offering dual enrollment program components, an analysis of opportunities and challenges, and ways to monitor progress at multiple levels.

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Dual Enrollment Initiative  

Access legal advisories and opinions, dual enrollment implementation guidelines, information on specific models (e.g., Middle College High School), and other resources designed to promote secondary to postsecondary partnerships. 

Presentations and Webinars

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative Workshops 

Workshop series designed for secondary and postsecondary partners; information shared will support the development of new and the scaling up and strengthening of existing dual enrollment partnerships, with a focus on students from underrepresented groups.

Dual Enrollment Toolkit Webinar

Webinar providing an overview of the toolkit and addressing questions about dual enrollment in California.

News and Events 

IEPI Dual Enrollment Workshops Underway - Spring 2017  

Interested in learning more about how to scale an existing secondary to postsecondary partnership or seeking to launch a new dual enrollment effort? Join this participant-driven workshop, conducted as part of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, to get answers to your questions and discover tips and strategies for implementation.

Learn more about when these sessions will take place and how to register here.



  • Focus Populations: High school students, Historically underrepresented populations, Dual enrollment students
  • Status: Complete
  • Contact: Rogéair Purnell, Project Director,

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