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Student Support (Re)defined

Student Support (Re)defined


Timeline: 2011-2014


The nationwide push to increase community college completions and California’s own Student Success Act, Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), and Student Equity planning has many practitioners seeking the most effective ways to help all students achieve their educational goals.

The RP Group conducted Student Support (Re)defined to understand how community colleges can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students. We explored this issue by asking over 900 California Community College students what they say they need to succeed, with a particular focus on the experience of African-American and Latino learners.

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Want to learn more about the six success factors that served as the foundation for our Student Support (Re)defined research? Visit the Success Factors Framework page.

Looking for specific examples of how California Community Colleges continue to practically and meaningfully use Student Support (Re)defined findings to address SSSP and Equity Plan requirements, strengthen student success, and advance institutional effectiveness? Visit the Student Support (Re)defined in CCCs page.

Interested in reviewing detailed findings from the Student Support (Re)defined research or exploring resources including developed by the project to facilitate planning and action? Visit the Resources tab.

Seeking a presentation of the Student Support (Re)defined research or customized technical assistance to assist your college in using findings for action? Contact Dr. Darla Cooper.


Project Director

Dr. Darla Cooper, Director of Research and Evaluation

Project Team

Michelle Barton, Kathy Booth, Priyadarshini Chaplot, Rob Johnstone, Kelley Karandjeff, Michael Large, Nathan Pellegrin, Rogéair Purnell, Diane Rodriguez-Kiino, Eva Schiorring, Vinod Verma, Terrence Willett, Adore Davidson, Loann Solem


Kathy Blackwood, San Mateo Community College District

Eduardo Cervantes, Gavilan College

Edna Chavarry, University of Southern California

Luis Chavez, Career Ladders Project

Rich Copenhagen, Student Senate for California Community Colleges

Pam Deegan, MiraCosta College

Erika Endrijonas, Oxnard College

Patricia Gándara, University of California, Los Angeles

Marybeth Gasman, University of Pennsylvania

Kathy Malloy, Santa Barbara City College

Daniel Martinez, Riverside City College

Melinda Mechur Karp, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

Linda Michalowski, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

A’kilah Moore, Los Medanos College

Diego Navarro, Academy for College Excellence

Michelle Pilati, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Sue Scrivener, MDRC

Stacey Shears, Diablo Valley College

Darrick Smith, LearningWorks

Dan Sourbeer, Palomar College

Mark Vernoy, Palomar College


The Kresge Foundation



Review reports and briefs that identify key findings and themes from the study. 

Student Support (Re)defined in CCCs

Student Support (Re)defined in CCCs 

Discover examples of how California Community Colleges are acting on study findings to strengthen student success on their campuses. 

Success Factors Framework

Success Factors Framework 

Find resources related to the six success factors — directed, focused, nurtured, engaged, connected, and valued — that served as the foundation for Student Support (Re)defined, including definitions, downloadable graphics, and suggested framework citation. 

Tools and Guides

Tools and Guides   

Access guides, tools, and graphics designed to support practitioners in taking action based on the research. 



News and Events 

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  • Focus Populations: African-American students, Latino students, First-generation students
  • Status: Complete
  • Contact: Dr. Darla Cooper, Director of Research and Evaluation,

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