Sunday, December 15, 2019
The RP Group

Bay Area California Community Colleges Consortium (BACCC) Data Profiles

Timeline: 2017


The RP Group offers third-party technical assistance expertise in an effort to help improve outcomes and increase the effectiveness of student success initiatives, programs, and other various efforts by community colleges and other higher education-based organizations. 

The RP Group is providing technical assistance to the Bay Area California Community Colleges Consortium (BACCC) to create data visualizations for workforce related data from the LaunchBoard and other sources to support the region’s planning efforts.

As a result of producing sample data visualizations, the BACCC stakeholders will have user-friendly and meaningful data visualizations to support regional planning.

RP Group Lead

Alyssa Nguyen, Director of Research and Evaluation

Project Team Members

Marc Beam, Senior Researcher

Michael Le


Cabrillo College


Bay Area California Community Colleges Consortium




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  • Focus Populations: Career Technical Education students, CTE key talent (Deans, Directors), CTE regional chairs
  • Status: Current
  • Contact: Alyssa Nguyen, Director of Research and Evaluation,

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