Sunday, April 14, 2024
The RP Group

EDI Self-Assessment Tool

 EDI Self-Assessment Tool

The RP Group designed the EDI Self-Assessment Tool to assess and evaluate the degree by which an organization’s or institution’s programs, practices, processes, and policies align with The RP Group’s Equity Framework.

The tool includes key guiding questions to help individuals and teams self-assess a program, process, practice, or policy in a way that:

  • encourages thoughtful reflection and dialogue on how its efforts reflect the constructs in the each of the core components;

  • establishes a baseline understanding and standing of how equitable its efforts are; and

  • identifies actions, resources, and opportunities for improvement.

To accommodate the differences between educational institutions like the California Community Colleges we serve and nonprofit organizations like ourselves, we have created two versions of this tool. Both versions can be accessed with the links below, but please note that you will need to download the document either as a Google or Word document in order to use it.

We invite you to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement through our RP Pulse survey.