Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Conceptual Framework for Advancing Equity

 Conceptual Framework For Advancing Equity


As an organization, we are undergoing significant board and staff development around equity, diversity, and inclusion; and we will continue changing how we offer professional development opportunities to ensure we are meeting our commitment.

We have created a conceptual framework to guide these choices based on these four components: Equity-Minded, Cultural Humility, Evidence-Based, and Distributed Leadership.

Advancing Equity: Equity-Minded, Cultural Humility, Evidence-based, Distributive Leadership

Equity-Minded is a perspective or lens underpinning the operations of the organization that centers on recognizing and redressing systems of oppression in its policies, practices, and actions. This underpinning includes: self-reflection, examining and prioritizing who is/has been most directly impacted, and interrogation of the status quo to ensure equity is at the forefront of the work. To access resources in our Digital Library related to Equity-Mindedness, click here.

Cultural Humility is the ability to reflect critically upon and acknowledge our own biases, perspectives, shortcomings, and limitations of our expertise as part of the process of learning and building the capacity to improve our community and the communities we serve. Honoring the work, voice, and perspectives of those who have an experience with our institutions. To access resources in our Digital Library related to Cultural Humility, click here.

Evidence-based is a commitment to collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources and perspectives to identify problems as well as solutions; recognizing that something does not work unless it works for all; and, integrating both quantitative and qualitative analyses to provide necessary context/perspective. To access resources in our Digital Library related to Evidence-Based, click here.

Distributive Leadership is an equity-minded approach to leadership. Distributive Leadership is a collective commitment to lead and implement change, unified by a shared vision. It welcomes a variety of perspectives and leadership potential and is not limited to one person or position; ensuring those impacted by implementing the vision are valued, included and empowered to implement change within their roles. To access resources in our Digital Library related to Distributed Leadership, click here.