Saturday, April 20, 2024
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BRIC Inquiry Guides

Topical resources that can be used to start a campus dialog on building cultures of evidence and inquiry.

BRIC’s Inquiry Guides support community college practitioners in addressing ten common problem areas for translating data to action.

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

Discover a systematic way for educators to talk about student learning; includes an overview of the student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment cycle and a framework for improving student learning through evidence-based assessment and analysis

Assessing Basic Skills Outcomes

Learn how to promote inquiry and dialogue, develop a comprehensive research agenda and foster a results-driven evaluation plan for basic skills innovations

Research and Assessment for Noncredit Colleges and Programs

Access resources to addressing student learning in the ever-changing noncredit landscape, including strategies and solutions that respond to the specific challenges of noncredit research

Improving CTE Programs with Data and Evidence

Explore this faculty-driven cycle for CTE program improvement, designed to explore and address student success challenges observed at the classroom and program level

Assessing Strategic Intervention Points in Student Services

Find a toolbox of potential approaches for assessing the effectiveness of student services and supporting program and process improvement

Using an Equity Lens to Assess Student Outcomes

Interact with this web-based module developed by University of Southern California’s Center for Urban Education’s (CUE) to examine student success data, disaggregated by race and ethnicity, from an equity perspective

Maximizing the Program Review Process

Discover strategies for implementing program reviews driven by the very individuals who carry programs out—faculty and student services professionals

Assessing and Planning for Institutional Effectiveness

Find a model for organizing for efficiency, maximizing resources to process institutional effectiveness information and creating time for facilitated discussions, reflection and action planning

A Model for Building Information Capacity and Promoting a Culture of Inquiry

Learn how to engage all constituency groups (faculty, staff, institutional researchers, and administrators) in the effective use of data and promotion of a culture of collaborative inquiry

Turning Data into Meaningful Action

Get strategies for packaging research outcomes into coherent action-oriented messages that increase awareness and motivate change