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BRIC Inquiry Guide-A Model for Building Information Capacity and Promoting a Culture of Inquiry 

Jun 15, 2010  |  Cathy Hasson, San Diego Community College District, for the RP Group

This inquiry guide responds to the need to systematically improve information capacity— which, in essence, is the institutional ability to identify, request, gather, disseminate, analyze, and transform data into information. The suggested strategies in this guide also support a culture of inquiry in which groups from across the campus participate in shared discussions that are meaningful, reflective, and dynamic. This guide is intended to engage all constituency groups (faculty, staff, institutional researchers, and administrators) in the effective use of data and in promoting a culture of collaborative inquiry.


INQUIRY GUIDE - Model for Building Information Capacity & Promoting a Culture of Inquiry

POWERPOINT - Model for Building Information Capacity & Promoting a Culture of Inquiry

Institutional Research Office Profile

Research Committee Missions+Goals

Guidelines for Implementing the Research Planning Agenda - San Diego CCD

Sample IRB - San Diego CCD

Research Request Form - Sample 1

Research Request Form - Sample 2

Research Agenda Worksheet 1

Research Agenda Worksheet 2

College Research Agenda - San Diego City College

Basic Skills Research Agenda - Skyline College


Guided Inquiry

Data Integration Strategy Matrix