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BRIC Inquiry Guide-Maximizing the Program Review Process

Jun 15, 2010  |  Ken Meehan, Fullerton College, for the RP Group

This guide provides a description of effective practices for program and services review. Program review is part of a sound, comprehensive education planning practice and, as the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges points out in Program Review: Setting a Standard, ―faculty-driven program review is essential to the integrity of the college community and its educational programs.‖ Clearly, it is critical that faculty lead the instructional program review process and they must be involved in every step of the process. Their involvement ensures that the information, discussions, and conclusions are accurate, relevant, and useful for faculty and staff and lead to improvement in student learning and achievement. Similarly, it is critical that counselors and other student services professionals be involved in each step of the student services program reviews and key operations personnel be involved in each step of the operations program reviews.


INQUIRY GUIDE - Maximizing the Program Review Process

POWERPOINT - Maximizing the Program Review Process

This inquiry guide is part of the RP Group's Bridging Research, Information and Culture Initiative (BRIC). Find out more about ways to gather actionable data on the BRIC site.