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BRIC Inquiry Guide-Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

Jun 24, 2010  |  Janet Fulks, Bakersfield College, Priyadarshini Chaplot, MBA, the RP Group & Bob Pacheco, Barstow College

This brief guide provides an overview of the student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment cycle and presents a framework to use in order to improve student learning through evidence-based assessment and analysis. All who interact with students and desire to foster student learning can benefit from the methods and practices presented in this booklet. It is designed to be a concise, easy-to-read summary of the essential principles of student learning outcomes assessment. For those professionals seeking more in-depth coverage of specific outcomes assessment topics, pedagogies, and practices, the hyperlinks within the text offer additional resources.

More importantly, this guide provides a systematic way for educators to talk about student learning. Implicit in this is our belief that SLOs are not only at the core of an institution‘s continuous improvement, but also that their assessment provides a basis for improving practice and the allocation of resources. In fact, SLO assessment data should be integrated through collaborative, college-wide planning to support the goals, missions, visions, and values of the California community colleges.


INQUIRY GUIDE - Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

POWERPOINT - Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

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