Thursday, July 9, 2020
The RP Group

Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP)


Collaborative effort led by the RP Group and Educational Results Partnerships’ Cal-PASS Plus system to develop, pilot, and assess implementation of a statewide placement tool using a multiple measures approach.


The original Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) was a collaborative effort led by the RP Group and Educational Results Partnerships’ Cal-PASS Plus system to develop, pilot, and assess implementation of a statewide placement tool using multiple measures. The project was originally funded through the California Community College’s Common Assessment Initiative (CAI). The project has now shifted to support the AB 705 implementation and is funded through the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office.

The Multiple Measures Assessment Project engaged with over 90 pilot colleges statewide to implement multiple measures assessment using high school performance to maximize student performance in college courses. With the shift towards AB 705 compliance, the MMAP Research team is working the Community College Chancellor’s Office to provide support, research, and recommendations on maximizing students’ likelihood of completing a transfer level math or English course in one year, or an ESL course in three years.

For more information...

Mallory Newell, RP Group, for information on the MMAP.

Visit the Chancellor's Office Assessment and Placement website for more information about similar work being done in this area.

Project Director

Mallory Newell, The RP Group (Ed.D., De Anza College)


The RP Group

Loris Fagioli, Ph.D., Irvine Valley College

Craig Hayward, Ph.D., Bakersfield College

Terra Morris, M.A., Formerly Cabrillo College

Vinh Nguyen, Ph.D., Irvine Valley College

Terrence Willett, M.S., Cabrillo College

Educational Results Partnership

Dan Lamoree

The Community College Chancellor's Office

John Hetts, Ph.D.


California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office and the Los Rios Community College District


California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, Educational Results Partnership, California Academic Senate, and the AB 705 Implementation Committee and ESL Subcommittee

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  • Focus Populations: High school graduates; new, first-time students
  • Status: Current
  • Contact: Mallory Newell, Project Director,

Areas of Impact


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Multiple Measures Implementation Resources

Information for colleges interested in applying multiple measures, including resources for getting started; decision rules and analysis code; guides for implementing multiple measures, non-cognitive variables; self-reported data; creating a research plan; and data submission resources. View the Implementation Resources.

Note:  While these resources are generally for pilot colleges participating in the Multiple Measures Assessment Project, they are available to any California Community College stakeholder interested in learning more about how to adopt this approach.

AB 705 Resources

Reports, webinars, and more related to AB 705 research, demographics, implementation, and ideas for collaboration between research and faculty. View the AB705 Resources.