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The RP Group

Veterans Research in Partnership with Irvine Valley College

2017 – 2022


In 2018, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) awarded a $2M innovation grant to Irvine Valley College (IVC) to enhance the success of student Veteran programs throughout the state of California. To inform this work, the Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges (RP Group) has contracted with IVC to support the research and evaluation of the college’s Innovation Grant for scaling up and promoting an embedded guided pathways model for Veterans Resource Centers (VRC) across California Community Colleges (CCC) based on lessons learned from the college’s local implementation efforts. Over the years, the RP Group has conducted a range of research and evaluation projects designed to understand the unique needs of student veterans and the supports they are being offered by colleges across the state.


Katie Brohawn

Team Members

Michelle White

Alyssa Nguyen



South Orange Community College District

The State of Veteran Students in California Community Colleges: 2018 Statewide Study, March 2019
Report providing a snapshot of the state of the Veteran Resource Centers in the California Community College System, and of the veteran student population and their unique academic experiences in that system.

Female Veteran Experiences Survey: 2019-2020 Survey Results For CCCs, April 2020
Report presenting data from a survey administered to female veteran CCC students on mental health, well-being, civilian life, college-provided  support services, and more.

Irvine Valley College’s Veterans Resource Center Operations and Spending Survey Results 2019-2020, March 2020
Report for administrators and funders focused on veterans affairs in the CCC system to gain a better understanding of VRCs, how they use funding in order to help tailor and improve supports needed by CCC veterans.

The State of Student Veterans in California Community Colleges 2021–2022 Statewide Study, August 2022
Report for a follow-up study to The RP Group's 2018 study of the state of veterans in California Community Colleges to examine the current state of student veterans’ experiences, identify unmet needs, and spotlight promising programs and practices.



  • Focus Populations: Veterans
  • Status: Complete
  • Contact: Katie Brohawn

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