Sunday, September 19, 2021
The RP Group



Our efforts focus on strengthening the success of all students, particularly historically underrepresented groups such as students of color, low-income students, first-generation students, foster youth, students with disabilities, and veterans.

 Related Projects

Research project designed to identify which factors have the greatest influence on transfer outcomes among high-leverage African-American learners in the CCC system. The project involves a mixed-methods approach to identify the “tipping points” for transfer-focused African-American students.

Project to support Just Equation’s Equity in Math Pathways work, a statewide quantitative analysis to better understand equitable access to and progress through STEM and non-STEM math pathways.

Joint study with the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) and EdInsights to understand why students who are eligible to receive a Cal Grant award choose not to take the award during their enrollment. The purpose of this study is to understand the reasons why students decline the funds and identify possible strategies for improving the Cal Grant usage rates among students to support their education.

Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Umoja program across the state.

"College success dashboard” created to provide consistent, high-level information on community college student momentum points and outcomes for Aspen’s Prize finalist visit teams, as well as their Presidential Fellows.

Technical assistance to the college’s current research and evaluation efforts in the areas of Student Cohort Tracking, Academic Support Evaluation, and Student Success and Equity Planning and Research, in order to improve student outcomes.