Monday, January 21, 2019
The RP Group

CCCCO's Guided Pathways

Timeline: 2018

ASK Overview

Many California Community Colleges (CCC) are seeking guidance on how to implement new approaches designed to increase institutional effectiveness. To support these efforts, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), the RP Group, and a diverse array of strategic partners are teaming up to create the Applied Solution Kit (ASK). Current topic areas included in the ASK include Change Leadership, Data Disaggregation, Guided Pathways, Integrated Planning, and Strategic Enrollment Management. New ASK topic areas are anticipated and will be developed based on evolving challenges and opportunities facing CCC.

The RP Group's Work

Capacity building support, tools, and resources developed as part of the Guided Pathways ASK will support the launch and implementation of the California Community Colleges (CCC) Guided Pathways Initiative as outlined and funded by the state legislature. The Guided Pathways ASK is a joint partnership being led by Career Ladders Project, The RP Group, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The Guided Pathways ASK will include the development and refinement of a series of tools, webinars, and regional workshops designed to build capacity and invoke action for guided pathways implementation at all 114 CCC.

The ASK is hosted on the Professional Learning Network. Go here to view the Guided Pathways ASK.

ASK Topic Area Leads

Alyssa Nguyen, The RP Group

Chase Fischerhall, Career Ladders Project

Darla Cooper, The RP Group

Ginni May, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Julie Adams, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Julie Bruno, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Kris Palmer, Career Ladders Project

Linda Collins, Career Ladders Project

Rogeair Purnell-Mack, The RP Group

Team Members

Andrew Kretz, The RP Group

Diane Rodriguez-Kiino, The RP Group

Ireri Valenzuela, The RP Group

Janet Fulks, Bakersfield College

Kelley Karandjeff, The RP Group

Kristen Fong, The RP Group

Marc Beam, The RP Group

Michelle Pilati, Rio Hondo College

Mina Dadgar, Career Ladders Project

Rachel Antrobus, The RP Group

Tim Nguyen, The RP Group

Funders and Partners

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO)

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD)

Academic Senate for CCC

Career Ladders Project



  • Focus Populations:
  • Status: Current
  • Contact: Brad Trimble, ASK Project Director,

Areas of Impact


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