Monday, April 22, 2019
The RP Group
Conference Goals, Strands, and Theme

We develop each year’s goals, and strands, and theme to allow participants to choose topics and areas of focus that are most relevant to their work. 

2019 Conference Theme: It Takes a Community College

It takes a community college: the faculty, staff, administrators, executive leaders, trustees and students at California’s community colleges are actively involved in transforming their institutions and redesigning the student experience to decrease equity gaps and advance student achievement. However, this transformation cannot be done by individuals alone or even in siloed groups. It takes the entire college—all of us, including our students—to think differently, act differently and be different. The wide ranging and varied work of educators across the state and shared at the Strengthening Student Success Conference will provide ideas to challenge us, words of inspiration to encourage us, and insight to propel us to do the hard work of transforming our institutions.

2019 Conference Goals

  • Deepen understanding of critical issues that shape student success in California Community Colleges

  • Learn about practical, evidence-based examples of how colleges foster student success

  • Apply concepts highlighted at the conference to our own work to create student-ready colleges

  • More deeply engage students in the work of our colleges to reimagine the student experience

  • Develop and strengthen networks with colleagues and other stakeholders 

  • Increase our collective capacity to lead change at our colleges

2019 Conference Strands

  • Collaborating Across Sectors and Segments: Partnerships and Networks

  • Transforming the Institution through Guided Pathways

  • Advancing Completion of Transfer-Level Math and English: Implementation of AB 705 at Scale

  • Ensuring Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

  • Building a Culture of Improvement: Professional Learning and Leadership Development

  • Working at Scale: Strategic and Integrated Planning

  • Emerging Issues

  • Open Format