Wednesday, March 20, 2019
The RP Group

The Strengthening Student Success Conference has become a popular and high-profile venue for a wide cross-section of community college leaders to explore effective practices. Throughout the years the event consistently sells out, and this year we anticipate more than 800 in attendance, including sponsors, exhibitors, and presenters.

What Others Are Saying...

“Strengthening Student Success is truly one of my favorite events.” Anonymous

“This conference inspired me to think about specific ways... to collaborate with others in different areas on my campus.” El Camino College attendee

“I’m so charged up! My story matters, my experience matters and I can make a difference.” Cuesta College attendee

“This is the one event I plan for each year.” Anonymous


Contact Tracy Newell with any questions or for more information about sponsor and exhibitor opportunities.


  • Event in high demand, consistently selling out over the years

  • Place to explore strategies for maximizing institutional effectiveness, student learning, equitable outcomes

  • Opportunity to build relationships with a wide cross section of more than 800 higher ed, CCC faculty, directors, student services, staff, research, planners, and others


  • Speaking, event-hosting opportunities

  • Logo, ad, brochure, signage placement (digital, print)

  • Opportunities to be seen as a leader 

  • Opportunities to share your product or service in high-traffic areas 

  • Rich, targeted environment for relationship-building


  • Collaborating across sectors

  • Guided Pathways

  • Implementation of AB 705

  • Leadership development

  • Strategic, integrated planning...and more!