Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Session Moderator/Room Host Responsibilities

#SSSC20: Strengthening Student Success Online Series

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Contact Tracy Newell to request to serve as a session moderator/host. Include “SSSC20 Moderator Request” in the subject line and the dates of the Friday(s) you are interested in moderating – 10/9, 10/16, 10/23 and/or 10/30 – in the body of the email. You may select anywhere from one Friday to all four remaining dates. Tracy will respond with “next steps” within 72 hours of receiving your email.


  • Review a recorded 30-minute virtual training/orientation session that will be sent to you in advance of the Friday(s) you will be moderating. A Zoom link will be sent to you once you are confirmed as a session moderator/host.

  • Be available for the entire morning (as early as 8:45 am and as late as 12:45 pm) for each Friday you select.

  • Serve as moderator/host for all breakout sessions on each Friday you select.

  • Commit to one or more Fridays (your choice).

  • Indicate your preference for the sessions you would like to moderate/host. Selection will be based on availability. Click here to view the series schedule and program including session descriptions so that you are prepared to make your selections quickly once you are contacted with next steps; be sure to select backup options in the event your first choice(s) are taken.

  • Use of the Zoom background we will provide to you for when you are on video.

  • A reliable internet connection (minimum 10 mbps up & down and, ideally, an Ethernet/wired connection rather than WIFI, but not required). IMPORTANT: Go to and click on “GO” to check your internet speed.

  • The ability to moderate/host virtually (desktop computer or laptop with camera and microphone, ideally using earbuds or a headset of some kind).

  • A private space that will not be subject to background noise or disruptions.


  • Free conference registration for each day or days you select (based on availability)

  • A guaranteed virtual spot at each session you host

Your Responsibilities

  • Arrive in your Zoom room a minimum of 10 minutes before the session starts so that the Line Manager (tech support) may give you co-host access and brief you as needed.

  • Identify yourself to the presenter(s), who will arrive 7-10 minutes in advance of the session, as someone who will assist them as needed during the session. Test microphone, video, and share screen with presenter(s).

  • Make sure the session starts on time.

  • Introduce the presenter(s).

  • Monitor chat for questions or needed information during the session and share with presenter(s) as appropriate.

  • Liaison with Line Manager and/or presenter(s) behind the scenes as needed through texts or private messages.

  • Arrange 10 and 5 minute signals to the presenter(s) to keep the session on schedule and to end on time.

  • Provide other assistance (as needed) with any issues that arise during the session.

  • Thank the presenter(s) and participants at the end of the session and direct participants to the next event, as appropriate.