Sunday, September 24, 2023
The RP Group
Student Support (Re)defined: Los Medanos College

In spring 2015, Los Medanos College (LMC) used the six success factor framework to facilitate conversations with students around the key question: “What do your teachers do that help you to be successful?”

LMC then created a workbook using the ideas students generated through two panel discussions. The workbook guides faculty through reflection on their own practice, factor by factor, and prompts them to think of strategies for strengthening their work based on students’ ideas. LMC conducted this process and developed this resource as part of its Equity in Action professional development initiative, an effort that focuses on turning professional learning into action that improves the outcomes of disproportionately impacted learners.

Others may use the workbook as part of their own Student Equity Plan process. View the success factor workbook for faculty.

For more information about Student Support (Re)defined, contact Dr. Darla Cooper.