Sunday, September 24, 2023
The RP Group
Student Support (Re)defined: College of the Canyons

College of the Canyons (COC) Graphic Multimedia Design II students created banners that visibly promoted the six success factors across the campus community. View banners.

COC has also:

  • Used Student Support (Re)defined to facilitate conversations at institution performance indicators meetings

  • Partnered with its graphic/multimedia design department on a celebration of student success featuring students’ stories; each story highlights how one of the six success factors has contributed to students’ achievement

  • Hosted a customer service training workshop through its Learning Center — inspired by a campus-based Student Support (Re)defined presentation and student panel; the college’s business department chair facilitated a workshop addressing the six factors as well as incorporating content from the college’s customer service certificate

  • Used the six success factors to help develop connected faculty development opportunities in a professional development subcommittee

For more information on Student Support (Re)defined contact Dr. Darla Cooper.