Thursday, January 23, 2020
The RP Group

Click on the links below to access numerous resources designed for colleges participating in the Multiple Measures Assessment Project, and available to any California Community College interested in learning more about how to adopt this approach on its campus. Find implementation guides, tools, exemplars, and information in the following categories:

Pilot College Implementation Resources
  • Data Agreement to Access CalPass Plus Data
    Form required for participation; please complete and return this data-sharing agreement to access CalPass Plus data.

  • Data Upload to Cal-Pass Plus for Cohort Match Guide, October 2015
    Guide to walk pilot colleges through the process of uploading and downloading a cohort to Cal-PASS Plus; includes the steps needed to complete the Student Cohort File upload including the variables to provide to Cal-PASS to make a match, where to...

  • MMAP Prospective File Walkthrough
    Guide for colleges to upload their Student Cohort File to Cal-PASS Plus in order to receive back the Prospective Data File; data upload includes items required for Cal-PASS to match your students to their high school transcript data, and provide...

  • Prospective File Data Element Dictionary
    Variables and definitions for the data that will be returned to a college after you upload your Student Cohort File; file includes the recommended assessment levels based on the decision tree output, as well as high school transcript information.

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