Saturday, July 20, 2024
The RP Group

IRPE Summer Institute 2024-25

 IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2024–25 Mastery Paths

Here are some general guidelines to help interested participants determine which of the three IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute 2024–25 Mastery Paths is most appropriate for them.

  • Newcomers Mastery Path:

    • Generally for participants attending the IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute for the first time and who have 0–3 years in the CCC IRPE field

    • Provides foundational context about CCC and IRPE operations

    • Heavier focus on applied research methods in CCCs

  • Seasoned Professionals Mastery Path:

    • Generally for participants with 4–7 years in the CCC IRPE field who might have previously attended IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute as a Newcomer

    • Focused more on the technical aspects of IRPE operations such as leadership and cross-functional planning efforts around accreditation, enrollment, and organizational development

  • Veterans Mastery Path:

    • Generally for participants with 8 or more years in the CCC IRPE field and who are interested in leading transformational systems change

    • Customized learning experience tailored to participants’ identified institutional and/or personal development priorities

    • Co-facilitation and thought partnership opportunities with IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute topic leads and RP Group subject matter experts aligned with identified learning interests

    • Opportunities to mentor and guide other IRPE Summer-to-Summer Institute participants with similar backgrounds or identified interests