Monday, February 17, 2020
The RP Group

IRPE Summer Institute

 2020 IRPE Summer Institute Curriculum

Topics for Newcomers to the IRPE Field – Session 1

  • An overview of the institutional research, planning, and effectiveness field at the state and national levels

  • Applied research in a community college setting

  • Visualizing and sharing the data story

  • Communicating data to facilitate action

  • Survey design principles and practical tips

  • Integrated planning

  • Analyzing and discussing data with an equity lens

  • R and SQL resources

Topics for Seasoned Professionals – Session 2

  • Action research, planning, and organization development

  • Strategic enrollment management principles to advance student success and maximize SCFF outcomes

  • Leadership principles to advance equity and institutional effectiveness

  • The new era of accreditation

  • Strategic planning and evaluation

  • Participatory governance culture, systems and structures

2020 Summer Institute Competencies for Newcomers - Session 1

  • Collect and analyze data to to address practical research questions in a community college setting

  • Effectively communicate research findings to diverse groups of stakeholders to facilitate action

  • Assess, analyze, and apply the broader context for institutional research, planning, and effectiveness 

2020 Summer Institute Competencies for Seasoned Professionals - Session 2

  • Design and execute complex project and program evaluations

  • Promote stakeholder understanding of data through interaction and training

  • Employ effective practices for fostering data-driven informed decision-making

  • Facilitate data-informed decision making and continuous improvement within a participatory governance environment

  • Identify, apply, and assess key principles of effective institutional planning

  • Integrate professional responsibilities, professional development, and personal/professional goals