Friday, September 20, 2019
The RP Group

IRPE Summer Institute

 2018 IRPE Summer Institute Curriculum

Topics for Newcomers to the IRPE Field – Session 1

  • The Role of an IRPE Office

  • Accessing and Leveraging Statewide Data

  • IEPI ASK Resources for IRPE Offices

  • Project Management

  • Qualitative Research

  • Database and SQL Basics

  • Framing the Data Story

  • Data Visualization Principles

  • Strategic Planning Primer

  • Applied Research Methods in a Post-AB 705 Era

  • Facilitating Conversations

  • Applying an Equity Lens

  • Integrated Planning: From Micro to Macro Level

Topics for Seasoned Professionals – Session 2

  • Integrated Planning: From Micro to Macro Level

  • Leadership in a Participatory Governance Environment

  • Organizational Development: Culture, Systems, and Structures

  • Statewide Initiatives and Implications for IRPE Offices

  • Leadership Matters: The Role of the CIEO

  • Future of IRPE Field

  • Building a Community of Practice for Seasoned IRPE Professionals