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The RP Group

Enrollment Forecasting



The California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) relies on annual forecasts of Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH) in order to estimate the future facilities needs of the 72 districts within the California Community College system. The CCCCO determined that it would be beneficial to explore new methods of arriving at WSCH forecasts and asked the RP Group to investigate opportunities for improving these forecasts.

Four distinct components emerged and are found in the WSCH Forecast Report resource:

(1) a review of current practices in post-secondary systems
(2) an exploration of models
(3) a recommendation for future forecasting models (to use two methods and average the results)
(4) refinement of forecasting procedures as outlined in the recommendations

RP Group Lead

Barry Gribbons, Project Director

RP Group Project Team Members

Marc Beam, Craig Hayward, PhD, Terrence Willett, MS


Fred Harris, Susan Yeager


California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

Reports and Briefs

Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH) Forecast Report, June 2011
Research report summarizing an investigation of methods for improving weekly student contact hours forecasts for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

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