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California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative (OEI) Evaluation



The California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative (OEI) is designed to develop and implement an online course exchange for the state that will ensure that significantly more students are able to complete their educational goals by increasing both access to and success in high-quality online courses. The exchange will enable students from any participating college to enroll in and complete a course from another participating college and easily apply that course towards the completion of a degree or transfer requirements. Additionally, student support services are being developed to address student retention and success in online courses offered through the OEI course exchange.

The RP Group is leading the evaluation of this initiative to provide ongoing feedback and concluding insights to OEI project leads (Foothill-De Anza Community Community College District and Butte-Glenn Community College District). This evaluation is seeking to determine:

  1. The impact of a statewide, uniform education platform on course- and program-level student outcomes

  2. How effectively and efficiently the OEI products and services are academically and non-academically supporting students taking online courses

As a result of continual formative and summative evaluations, the OEI will have quantitative and qualitative information to help inform decisions for continuous program improvement in order to best serve students taking online courses through the Online Course Exchange.

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RP Group Lead

Alyssa Nguyen, Director of Research and Evaluation

RP Group Project Team Members

Michelle Barton, Marc Beam, Daniel Berumen, Dr. Darla Cooper, Michael Le, Jordan Morris, Marci Myers-Mojica, Melanie Rogers, Ireri Valenzuela


Foothill‐De Anza Community College District, Butte-Glenn Community College District


California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, California Community College Online Education Initiative

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  • Focus Populations: Online California Community College students
  • Status: Complete
  • Contact: Alyssa Nguyen, Director of Research and Evaluation,

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