Tuesday, November 21, 2017
The RP Group
Conference Goals, Strands, and Theme

We develop each year’s Goals, and Strands, and Theme to allow participants to choose topics and areas of focus that are most relevant to their work. 

2017 Conference Theme:  Committing to Our Future

We face uncertain times. Recent changes in our nation’s political leadership have left many people, including postsecondary educators and advocates concerned about the future and in turn, about the prospects of our students. This challenging time compels us to reflect on what we value and what action we can take to maintain positive changes in our colleges and our communities.

As a system, as institutions, and as individual educators, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our deep belief in the potential for every learner to succeed. We can commit to our own continued learning to strengthen our colleges. By making these commitments we stand resolute: we can impact not only the future of our students, but our communities, our state, and our society as a whole.
The 2017 Strengthening Student Success Conference will focus on our commitments to our students, to our colleges, and to our communities. Equity will be an integral and integrated value of all aspects of the conference, not separated into a session or strand. All sessions will have the opportunity to demonstrate implications for equity in relationship to the whole range of student populations who have been marginalized or whose needs have been systemically overlooked. 

2017 Conference Goals

  • Strengthen understanding of critical issues that shape student success in California community colleges
  • Share practical examples of how colleges are helping to improve student success
  • Apply concepts highlighted at the conference to participants’ own work
  • Deepen ties to colleagues and build networks with other community college educators 
  • Strengthen connections and collaboration between community college practitioners and K-12, adult education, higher education, and community partners; students; and other stakeholders 
  • Increase participant capacity to lead, to participate in collaborative leadership, and to support others in growing as leaders 

2017 Conference Strands

  • Creating Coherent Pathways
  • Supporting College Readiness
  • Learning in the Classroom and Beyond
  • Leadership and Transforming the Institution
  • Professional Learning-Building a Culture of Improvement
  • Integrating Plans and Initiatives into the Campus Fabric
  • Beyond Campus Boundaries: Engaging Your Community and the World
  • Open Formats