Saturday, October 20, 2018
The RP Group
Conference Goals, Strands, and Theme

We develop each year’s goals, and strands, and theme to allow participants to choose topics and areas of focus that are most relevant to their work. 

2018 Conference Theme: Making our Colleges Student-Ready

A movement is building in California Community Colleges and beyond to think differently - a paradigm shift that asks how we can design our practice, policies, and procedures to better serve the needs of students. Until recently, colleges have employed approaches that place the burden of success on the shoulders of our students, assuming students have the responsibility to get “college ready” and develop the skills and determination to navigate the complexities of our institutions.

What if, instead of asking if our students are prepared for college, we turn the idea upside down and ask if our colleges are prepared for students? Making our colleges “student-ready” begins with inquiry and a better understanding of students’ lives. To be student-ready may entail big shifts in our institutions: transforming structures, stretching pedagogical repertoires, and rethinking procedures to make the college more welcoming and more responsive. Being student-ready means that our colleges meet and value our students with the strengths and challenges they bring to our colleges. The wide-ranging and varied work educators are doing across the state and will share at the Strengthening Student Success Conference provides insight into what it might mean for our colleges to be ‘student-ready’.

2018 Conference Goals

  • Strengthen understanding of critical issues that shape student success in California community colleges

  • Share practical examples based in evidence of how colleges are helping to improve student success and close equity gaps

  • Apply concepts highlighted at the conference to participants’ own work

  • Deepen ties to colleagues and build networks with other community college educators

  • Strengthen connections and collaboration between community college practitioners and K-12, adult education, four-year institutions, and community partners; students; and other stakeholders

  • Increase participant capacity to lead and to participate in collaborative leadership

2018 Conference Strands

  • Collaborating Across Sectors and Segments: Partnerships and Networks

  • Transforming the Institution through Guided Pathways

  • Advancing Completion of Transfer-Level Math and English: Implementation of AB 705

  • Ensuring Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

  • Building a Culture of Improvement: Professional Learning and Leadership Development

  • Working at Scale: Strategic and Integrated Planning

  • Emerging Issues

  • Open Format