Sunday, July 5, 2020
The RP Group


Research shows an impending shortage of baccalaureate holders in California, and the Vision for Success includes goals for dramatically improving students’ transfer outcomes. This study aims to identify strategies for increasing transfer among “high-leverage learners” in California Community Colleges — individuals who have completed all or most of their transfer requirements, but who do not make it “through the gate” to a university. Our study focuses on the Central Valley and Inland Empire as students in these regions have lower college completion and transfer rates, which suggests that they may face unique challenges along their transfer journey. ​Read More...

Who is transferring, who is not, and for what reasons? What can be done to facilitate this transition for significantly more students? We are exploring these questions through this multi-year project:

  • Phase 1: Mapping the Transfer Landscape (2016 – 2018)

    Quantitative research to understand the transfer landscape, determining: (1) how many students in California arrived at the transfer gate, but did not go through, and (2) who they are and where they reside.

  • Phase 2: Getting Better Directions (2019)

    Quantitative and qualitative research with students who are close to transfer to understand what factors impact their journey and how policy and practice might change to propel them through the transfer gate.

  • Phase 3: Engaging for Action (2020)

    Convenings with CCC, CSU, and UC leaders, educators, researchers, and advocacy groups to identify strategic opportunities to strengthen transfer success based on findings.


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