Saturday, September 23, 2023
The RP Group
Student Support (Re)defined: Cañada College

Cañada College used Student Support (Re)defined research to guide college planning efforts, incorporating the six success factors into all planning documents and promoting the key themes in a range of formal and informal ways. Examples include: 

Academic Committee for Equity and Success (ACES):

Engages a broad range of campus stakeholders to address issues of student equity and achievement in courses below transfer through tutoring, proactive counseling, and professional development; formed in August 2014 through a merger of the college’s basic skills and student equity committees, ACES uses the success factors and key themes in its efforts to tackle specific challenges such as helping students avoid probation, including delivering workshops to help students understand the probation process and its impact on their lives.

Student Role-Play:

Involves faculty and administrators from a diversity of departments (e.g., math, English, ESL, library, Learning Center, counseling, multimedia, history) in enrolling in courses as if they were students, resulting in an awareness of the challenges and frustrations learners experience when attempting to register.

For more information, contact Michael Hoffman, and/or Anniqua Rana, Cañada College ACES Co-Coordinators.

For more information about Student Support (Re)defined, contact Dr. Darla Cooper.