Monday, May 27, 2024
The RP Group

California Community Colleges Guided Pathways

Timeline: 2017/2018-Current


In 2017, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office launched California Community Colleges Guided Pathways. This student-centered reform movement aims to foster institutional transformation that results in dramatically improved student outcomes and increased equity.

The Chancellor’s Office is working with strategic partners to help colleges carry out this pioneering undertaking, including a collaboration with the RP Group to develop in-demand tools, deliver responsive capacity-building, and conduct formative research on the system’s accomplishments and needs.

The RP Group’s WorkHow the RP Group Can Support Your Guided Pathways Work.

Our work leverages the RP Group’s diverse expertise and initiatives — bound by our common focus on collaborative inquiry, data-driven action, and student-centered change. We also regularly engage with key partners to optimally address the needs of colleges throughout their Guided Pathways reform work. For a short description of the areas of support we offer for college’s Guided Pathways planning and implementation, see How the RP Group Can Support Your Guided Pathways Work.