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Communicating Research Findings

Mar 1, 2007  | John Evans, San Joaquin Delta College

Principles for Research Presentations

1. Showing is better than telling.
2. Big is better than small.
3. Data are better than words.
4. Charts are better than tables.
5. Simple is better than complex.
6. Lines are better than bars - for time series.
7. Short is better than long.
8. Make proper use of scales.
9. Color is better than black and white.
10. Individual hand outs are better for small groups; overheads and slides are better for larger groups.
11. Low tech is (often) better than high tech.

Principles for Maximizing the Use of Research

Principles for Researchers

1. Research must be relevant to major policy and management decisions.
2. Time is of the essence. Decisions are going to be made in the presence or absence of information.
3. Clarity of presentation is the sine qua non of success.

Principles for CEO's and Trustees

1. A commitment to the value of research is the bedrock on which all else rests.
2. Research must be adequately supported.
3. Researchers must have status and access in the college's organization.