Friday, May 27, 2022
The RP Group

Dr. Craig Hayward

Project Lead

Craig Hayward's work has primarily focused on redesigning developmental education by clarifying the centrality of sequence completion, or "throughput", for English and math sequences. His research into accelerated pathways and the use of high school performance information to improve placement (i.e., "multiple measures") has identified effective actions that practitioners can take to greatly increase throughput. His primary goal is to develop data and tools that can be used to support the scaling of innovations that dramatically increase student success and completion. 

Over his career, Mr. Hayward has used his skills as a researcher, planner, and project manager to complete a number of projects including developing the Decision Tree Methodology used to create the decision rules that colleges across California are using to improve the completion velocity of thousands of students each year. He is also the co-author of the California Acceleration Project Evaluation Report, co-designer and project manager for the Basic Skills Cohort Progress Trackerthe lead quantitative researcher on the Transfer Velocity Project and designer of the Transfer Velocity Cohort Report on the CCCCO Data Mart. Mr. Hayward is the co-author of the Weekly Student Contact Hour Forecast Report which developed an optimal method of enrollment projection for the system as a whole as well as for each of the 72 districts that comprise the system.


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