Wednesday, March 20, 2019
The RP Group

Michelle Deasy

Director of Organizational Strategy

Michelle Deasy brings broad experience to the RP Group. Working closely with the Executive Director, Ms. Deasy is responsible for organizing and overseeing the daily functioning of the RP Group, as well as for providing leadership and best practices to develop and implement policy to increase organizational effectiveness.

Ms. Deasy spent 13 years in wealth and investment management at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Atlas Capital Advisors. Prior to her work in finance, she held roles within sales, marketing, and event management at Oracle Corporation and at a small multisport company.

Ms. Deasy has served on the Boards of the Mural Music and Arts Project, the Presidio YMCA, the South End Rowing Club and the Cornell Track Association. At the Olympic Club of San Francisco, she served as the Roughwater Swim Commissioner and was honored as Olympian of the Year in 2005.

Ms. Deasy earned an MA in Demography from U.C. Berkeley and a BS in Development Sociology with a concentration in Social Indicators, Data Management, and Analysis from Cornell University.


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