Sunday, January 29, 2023
The RP Group

Phoenix Jett-Dias, M.A. (formerly known as Tish)

Board Member, At Large

Phoenix (formerly known as Tish) currently works as a research analyst at San Joaquin Delta College. Much of their research centers on equity and social justice. Phoenix has done substantial research focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community and is openly queer, non-binary, and trans-masc. Their research helped Delta become one of the first community colleges with a full-time funded Pride center. They are currently working with a state-wide coalition to have the sexual orientation and gender questions changed on the CCCApply application.

Phoenix interned at the institutional research and effectiveness office at Cal Poly Humboldt and worked there as an Instructional Design Support Specialist before moving on to Delta College. They have an associate’s degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Psychology with a social and quantitative emphasis. They are alumni of Cal Poly Humboldt and Modesto Junior College and have multiple scientific publications on a variety of topics including bias and sexual prejudice. Their most recent published article is titled “Contact, Threat, and Attitudes toward Same-Sex Marriage and Its Beneficiaries”. It was published in 2022 in LGBTQ+ Family: An Interdisciplinary Journal.