Monday, November 20, 2017
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Improving Placement Accuracy in California’s Community Colleges Using Multiple Measures of High School Achievement, April 2017
This article was submitted to the Community College Review and includes the most recent data, methodology, findings and implications from the project.

Phase III Project Summary
This brief includes a review of accomplishments by the MMAP team thus far, how MMAP is already being implemented, tasks to be completed in the next one to two years, and longer term tasks to be completed to sustain the effective use of multiple measures into the future.

Research Brief - Validating Placement Systems Comprising Test and Multiple Measure Information
This research brief describes how to validate placement decisions using several objective key metrics including throughput, throughput rate, predictive validity, and disproportionate impact. 

Research Brief - English as a Second Language Multiple Measures Development
This brief is to intended to inform the CAI Steering Committee about challenges and strategies with respect to analyzing ESL course sequences in order to create a new multiple measures to be used in course placement. The brief will also be of interest to ESL faculty, language arts deans, assessment center directors, and researchers.

Phase I Status Report
Report shared with the CAI Steering Committee, May 2015.

Phase I MMAP White Paper
White paper presented to the CAI Steering Committee, September 2014.

Predictive Analytics Environmental Scan
Scan completed as part of the Common Assessment Initiative as a precursor to the development of predictive analytics services provided through the CCC Technology Center.

Bibliography of Multiple Measures Articles and Research
Compilation of articles and reports regarding multiple measures.

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