Monday, October 22, 2018
The RP Group

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Session Materials

Assessment Transformation Figs/Apples

Enhanced MMAP



Turning Affective Issues to Strengths


Transforming Learning High Impact Scaling

Linking it All Together


  • EdInsights Center LFM Academy Report 2018
    To help the CCCCO understand how well LFM met its identified goals and outcomes, as well as its participants’ needs, Education Insights Center (EdInsights) researchers designed a participant survey to collect information. This report summarizes...

Impacting Cultural Change


Capturing Our Pledge

Clear and Convincing Evidence

Intelligent Approaches


Student Success The Journey Continues

Improving Student Transition

Lead Off Batter


Growth Mindset & Habits of Mind Practices and Programs


And They Said It Couldn't Happen

Here's What It Can Look Like

Making STEM SESI Again (Presentation and Handouts)

Building Structures and Supports to Engage Adjunct Faculty in the Student Success Movement (Parts 1-3)

MMAP SSSC-2018 Post-Conference Workshop

Evaluation Summaries