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The RP Group

IEPI Applied Solution Kit -- Integrated Planning

Timeline: 2016-2018

ASK Overview

Many California Community Colleges are seeking guidance on how to implement new approaches designed to increase institutional effectiveness. To support these efforts, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, and the RP Group are teaming up to create a series of Applied Solution Kits (ASKs) on key approaches. Current topics include Integrated Planning, Data Disaggregation, and Strategic Enrollment Management, with new ASKs to be added as additional topic areas are developed.

Integrated Planning ASK Summary

Developing, implementing, and sustaining an effective integrated planning process is essential for institutional effectiveness and a critical element in the accreditation process. The Integrated Planning (IP) Applied Solutions Kit (ASK) provides a variety of tools, resources, and examples that can help to strengthen planning.

This ASK includes a specific integrated planning model that includes five components — Discover, Develop, Implement, Evaluate, and Report. Each component of the IP Model has associated resources and examples that users can adapt for use at their campus. The tools and resources in this ASK are evolving.

The RP Group's Work

The RP Group's role in this project has been to align the IP ASK with other current ASKs as well as CCCCO initiatives, create new and improved existing IP tools, develop a rubric to evaluate IP tools and best practices, and work with California Community Colleges to elevate their IP practices. We also are helping to align various IP accreditation standards including those under the ACCJC and WASC. 

All ASKs are hosted on the Professional Learning Network. Go here to view the Integrated Planning ASK.

RP Group/ASK Lead

Barbara McNeice-Stallard, Project Lead, The RP Group    
Al Solano, Project Lead, The RP Group

ASK Team Members

Hayley Solano, Team Member, The RP Group    
Aimee Myers, Team Member, Sierra College
Jane Saldana-Talley, Team Member, Santa Rosa Junior College
Jessica Cristo, Team Member, 3CSN    
Jose Rodriguez, Team Member, California State University, San Bernardino
Maria Narvaez, Team Member, Mt. Saint Mary’s University
Mark Akiyama, Team Member, Diablo Valley College
Micheline Pontious, Team Member, City College of San Francisco 
Sharyn Eveland, Team Member, Taft College
Wheeler North, Team Member, San Diego Community College District


Funders and Partners

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO)

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD)



  • Focus Populations:
  • Status: Current
  • Contact: Brad Trimble, ASK Coordinator,

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