Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Listerv Overview

The RP listserv is a place for questions and conversation for issues related to IRPE, CCCs, student success, and data’s role in the landscape. Go here to sign upBelow are additional resources, news, and ways you can get connected and informed.

New Safe Harbor Feature

We are now beginning to implement a safe harbor question/comment feature, which allows subscribers to pose questions or comments anonymously. Just email your query or comment here and it will be re-posted (verbatim or paraphrased and in line with listserv guidelines) by one of our team members.   

Join Your Peers at a Regional Research Group

Regional Research Groups offer in-person meetings throughout the state, focused on the latest IRPE issues and developments taking place in California and beyond. These gatherings foster knowledge-sharing and best practice exchanges, and offer an environment for networking and relationship-building in your region, and help you stay up to date on important news. Find more information about the groups and upcoming meetings.

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For a bevy of easy access tools, guides, reports, summaries and more, visit our Resources Library and search by a number of different queries and filters.

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