Tuesday, June 18, 2019
The RP Group
What Our Participants Say

I have learned so much about my work, my college, and myself as a leader and educator. I have new tools and strategies, and mostly new understandings of the issues, which will help me impact change. I also have made connections to colleagues across the state, which I know will continue to add to my experiences - 2014 LFM Participant

I would describe [LFM] as a journey of self-discovery and development... The bottom line is that one develops their leadership skills by DOING rather than by listening to others lecture or read about it - LFM 2016 Participant

I have learned that leadership is an action. Everyone can lead and we can all do leadership together. Leadership is not defined by a role or a position: it is defined by what we do to promote positive change in our environment - 2017 LFM Participant

We can accomplish so much more by working together. We also have been able to create trust and the open atmosphere where we can work through differences in perspective. We are so much stronger and can accomplish so much more as a group than we ever could as individuals - 2017 LFM Participant

The LFM Academy was both rejuvenating and energizing. Over the years faculty have created, implemented, and attempted to sustain many initiatives only for those efforts to slowly fade away. The Academy provided ways to face resistance, sustain momentum, and take risks necessary to achieve long-term goals. My biggest take away, first and foremost, was the opportunity to forge solid partnerships and relationships with my colleagues. As a result of these partnerships and relationships, we have a united voice, an interdependence… - 2017 LFM Participant

LFM has enabled me to be a part of a conversation with other colleagues in structured ways. This has been important to an understanding of building coherence and the practical next steps of our project--both pedagogy and specific applications have enhanced the experience - 2017 LFM Participant

LFM allows community college members, from various backgrounds and levels of (formal) expertise, to explore topics of leadership and how to become (better) change agents. It allows members to reflect on campus culture in a natural/organic manner. Oftentimes, folks feel jaded and disempowered. LFM helps mobilize and create more conscious and aware changemakers - 2017 LFM Participant

Leadership is about a lot of things including the capacity to be compassionate and intentional. It is about building coalitions and creating a culture of leadership. And, it is about self-care - 2017 LFM Participant