Sunday, October 13, 2019
The RP Group

 Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Outcomes


Offered annually by the RP Group, this interactive, sustained professional development program:

  • Uses a project and problem-based learning model

  • Engages college teams comprised of faculty, administrators, staff, and researchers in the implementation of Guided Pathways

  • Includes face-to-face sessions, coaching designed to both support the leadership development of individual participants and assist college teams in project delivery

Curricular Topics:

  • Making the Case/Using Evidence

  • Understanding and Analyzing Institutional Cultures for Successful Leadership 

  • Communicating Successfully

  • Building Teams and Coalitions

  • Engaging Resistance

  • Using Design Tools (concept mapping, prototyping, case studies, and logic models)

  • Momentum Mapping

  • Taking Risks/Failing Successfully

  • Building a Data-Informed Campus Culture


The LFM outcomes are clustered in three major categories and include the following: 

Leadership Development
  • Develop leadership identity

  • Develop strategies to sustain and support leadership development 

Team Collaboration and Leadership
  • Create and sustain professional relationships in which peers share ideas and strategize together 

Leadership in the Context of a College Initiative
  • Engage with existing literature 

  • Apply research and evidence to make informed decisions that advance institutional change efforts 

  • Strengthen capacity to prioritize and lead departmental, institutional and other changes through the process of evidence-based inquiry