Thursday, January 23, 2020
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 Presenter Resources

Thank you for presenting at the 2019 Strengthening Student Success Conference (SSSC) and joining us for this annual professional learning event! In preparing for your session, you will find information below about room size, set-up, and technology available as well as tips to make your presentation shine.

All SSSC proposals are chosen through a review process by a team of experienced community college educators, in other words, your colleagues and peers. Each time slot has 13 strong session choices. We can’t know in advance which topics will be the most popular or how many people will show up to your session.

When we plan the conference, we try to maximize space for attendees. Some of the topics may have a smaller target audience and draw fewer attendees. In fact, at past conferences, some of the sessions that turned out to be small were topics that were specifically chosen by the review panel because they were important to have at the conference. When this happens, it may feel like you have a small group in a large room. We encourage you to use the space in the way that works best for your session (e.g. you may rearrange the tables or chairs, or bring people closer together; however, should you choose to do that, it’s important that you move them back into the original set at the end of your session).

We also encourage you to utlize the tips provided for making powerful PPT presentations. Each year we receive consistent feedback that the PPTs in many sessions could be more effective. You will find examples and suggestions listed below under the Evaluations and Presentation Resources tab that can help you make your own PPT concise, visually clear, and punchy.

We appreciate the knowledge you and your colleagues share that makes the Strengthening Student Success Conference a lively place to learn!

The following information applies to each session:

  • Laptop/Mac (if you prefer to use your own laptop or if you are using a Mac)

  • HDMI (or micro HDMI) to VGA adaptor (if you are bringing your own laptop and it requires HDMI for projector connection)

  • Mac adaptor if bringing a Mac

  • Your presentation on a backup flash drive (this is encouraged whether you are using your own laptop/Mac or one provided)

  • Any handouts/session evaluations you plan to distribute

  • Any supplies needed for your presentation not mentioned below

Rooms will be set in banquet rounds of 8 to 10 depending on room. The description of the set-ups by strand and by room is listed below. If you are not sure which strand your session is in, please reference the Breakout Session Map available here. Wifi is available throughout the meeting space.  Each room set-up will also include:

  • Podium

  • Head table for three

  • Materials table at the back of the room

  • Water station

Strand Room Set-Up
Collaborating Across
Sectors and Segments:
Partnerships and Networks
Cypress B Rounds of 8-10
Collaborating Across
Sectors and Segments:
Partnerships and Networks
Cypress A Rounds of 8-10
Transforming the
Institution through Guided
Sequoia A Rounds of 8-10
Transforming the
Institution through Guided
Sequoia B Rounds of 8-10
Advancing Completion of
Transfer-Level Math and
English: Implementation
of AB 705 at Scale
Regency A Rounds of 8-10
Advancing Completion of
Transfer-Level Math and
English: Implementation
of AB 705 at Scale
Regency B Rounds of 8-10
Ensuring Learning in the
Classroom and Beyond
Bayside Rounds of 8-10
Ensuring Learning in the
Classroom and Beyond
Harbour A Rounds of 8-10
Building a Culture of
Improvement: Professional
Learning and Leadership
Regency C Rounds of 8-10
Building a Culture of
Improvement: Professional
Learning and Leadership
Sandpebble A/B Rounds of 8-10
Working at Scale:
Strategic and Integrated
Sandpebble C/D Rounds of 8-10
Emerging Issues Cypress C Rounds of 8-10
Open Format Harbour B Rounds of 8-10
Strand Assignment Chart (downloadable)



  • One podium mic (wired)

  • One lavaliere mic (wired)

  • Laptop sound

  • Speakers

  • Mixer


  • Laptop, PC-based (if requested in advance by contacting Kara Livingston with MeetingWise by or before Friday, September 27th)

  • LCD projector

  • Wireless remote / laser pointer

  • VGA cable

  • Power strip

  • Screen

  • Flipchart pad/markers

If there is anything else you need, please email Kara Livingston by or before Friday, September 27th and we will do our best to accommodate, access and budget allowing.


We are able to make the following supplies available upon request. Requests must be sent to Kara Livingston by or before Friday, September 27th and must include quantities as well as the session date, time, and title.

  • Paper

  • Masking Tape

  • Colored Pencils

  • Colored Markers

  • Post-Its (specify small, square or large)

  • Index Cards

  • Extra Flipcharts

 Room Host

A host will be assigned to your room to assist you with needs such as distributing handouts, changing lighting/room temp, contacting AV support, or other needs. They will also help you to keep the session on schedule, make any closing announcements, and direct attendees to the next session. In addition, the hosts will copy your presentations onto flash drives for posting on the RP Group website following the conference and they will be completing a room host survey for each session.

Should your session fill, the host will place a “Session Full” sign outside the door. In most cases, we are unable to add chairs to rooms but your session host will work with staff to make that call if needed. It will depend on space and fire code restrictions. For this reason, no one is allowed to sit on the floor.

We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early for your session to meet your room host and to test your presentation.


If you plan to provide handouts for your session, we suggest bringing a minimum quantity of 60 with you to be safe. Any leftover handouts will be placed on a handouts table in the registration area. Please note that we will NOT be able to do any copying on site.


Rather than having participants fill out individual quantitative evaluations for each breakout session, the conference conducts an overall online evaluation. If you want more specific feedback about your session, we encourage you to create and conduct your own evaluation. You may distribute this to participants during your session to provide you with the most useful information about your session. 

 Resource Documents

These resources were created to support the development of your presentation. This set of resources can offer ideas on how to design your conference session to better meet the needs of the evolving conference attendee learner. It includes:

- Four basic steps for brainstorming a session

- Three universal session components

- A suite of interactive activities

- Sample blueprints for 60-minute and 90-minute sessions

Samples of Effective PowerPoint Presentations from Previous Conferences:

"Assessing Assessment" by Andrew Fuenmayor and John Hetts

Assessing Assessment-Longer Presentation

LBCC Promising Pathways-Short Presentation

"Generating Meaningful Data for Program Improvement: CCSF's CTE Student Success Initiative" by Beth Cataldo and Steven Spurling

CCSF/CTE Presentation - Generating Meaningful Data For Program Improvement

CCSF/CTE Analysis - Architecture Dept.

CCSF/CTE Capstone Survey - Architecture Dept.

CCSF/CTE Faculty Questions - Architecture Dept.

CCSF/CTE Intro Survey Architecture Dept.

CTE Student Success Initiative Info & Application

CCSF/CTE Focus Group Questions - Architecture Dept.

"Getting People to Act on Your Data: Using Facts and Figures to Tell a Compelling Story"

Moving from Evidence to Action

Tips for Building an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Mike Splane’s PowerPoint Tips

Bate’s PowerPoint Tips

Tips for Effective Presentations

Lee Cronin's + Diane West's Presentation Tips


Emergency Contact

If you need to reach us for any reason during the conference, especially within an hour of your presentation, please call or text Tracy Newell at 310-283-5916.

For questions regarding content, contact:

Lila Tavelli
Professional Development Events Coordinator
The RP Group

For questions regarding logistics, contact:

Kara Livingston, CMM
MeetingWise, LLC