Monday, June 27, 2022
The RP Group

 RP Conference 2022 Virtual Session Sampler

April 5-8, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm | $150 for RP Group members and $200 for non-members

New this year!

We are offering the RP Conference 2022 Virtual Session Sampler as a way to broaden the reach of our conference programming. The Virtual Session Sampler includes:

  • Four live virtual breakout sessions held during the week before the in-person conference

  • Post-conference access to recordings from the four virtual sessions via the conference app

  • Post-conference access to recordings of the plenary sessions from the in-person conference via the conference app

The RP Conference 2022 Virtual Session Sampler will be available for a fee to those who are not registered for the in-person conference. Click here to register by Monday, April 4 at 12 pm.

Those registered for the in-person conference will be able to access the virtual programming free of charge, providing an opportunity to attend even more presentations. No additional registration is necessary and links to the virtual sessions and recordings will be provided in the conference app.

 Schedule of Live Virtual Sessions

Are We Complying with AB 620? Assessing Campus Climate for Queer, Transgender, and Non-Binary Students Both Before and During the Pandemic

Delta College Pride Coalition, in partnership with the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, used the Diverse Learning Environment (DLE) survey to evaluate campus climate. The DLE was developed by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA and captures student perceptions regarding complex issues like institutional response to COVID-19 and intergroup relations. In this session we will discuss difficult topics such as bias, discrimination, sense of belonging, validation, and curriculum of inclusion. Delta implemented the DLE to move from a reactive stance to a proactive stance concerning equity and inclusion and to better understand students’ perceptions and experiences with the goal of improving services to meet students’ needs. Results indicated disproportionate impact for LGBTQ+ students. This session will highlight LGBTQ+ students’ perceptions and experiences at Delta with AB 620 in mind. The goal of this session is to get you asking: “Does my college comply with AB 620?”

Presenters: Tish Jett-Dias, Melissa Neal, and Kirstyn Russell, San Joaquin Delta College

AB 705: Spillover Effects into Downstream Courses Within and Outside Disciplines

Research in the past few years has cemented the effectiveness AB 705 has on the completion of transfer-level English and Math courses. But what are the downstream effects of the policy on students placed directly into transfer-level courses? What is the impact on enrollment for courses with transfer-level courses as prerequisites? How are students faring in subsequent courses in the sequence or in courses outside the disciplines? Furthermore, what happens to unsuccessful students in transfer-level courses? This presentation will provide evidence that direct entry into transfer-level courses does not inadvertently lead to decreased success rates in downstream courses within and outside of English and Math, as well as insight into behavioral patterns among those who are unsuccessful in their first attempt.

Presenters: Thomas Cullen, Kevin Hsu, Lauren Ilano, and Vinh Nguyen, Irvine Valley College

Bridging Research and Planning: Facilitating a Data-Rich, Equity-Focused Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning processes vary from district to district and sometimes even from college to college within a district. IRPE offices are often tasked with creating or updating college and/or district strategic plans, but, while many in our field are well-versed in qualitative and/or quantitative research methods, only a small cadre of IRPE professionals enters this field with a background that is specifically focused on strategic planning. So, how do you get started with strategic planning, especially with an equity lens? And how do you align the process across a district while still honoring unique campus culture and, in some cases, overcoming adversarial histories between campuses? Our robust research backgrounds actually equip IRPE practitioners with many of the tools we need to carry out a thorough and collaborative strategic planning process focused on student success and equity. This session will provide an overview of how two colleges within a multi-college district, as well as the district office, worked together to co-create a meaningful, equity-minded, data-informed strategic planning process for each campus and the entire district. Templates, tools, and strategies for engaging various stakeholders throughout the research, inquiry, and strategic plan development process will be shared.

Presenters: Rafael Ayala, Katie Cabral, Madison Harding, and Bri Hays, Cuyamaca College; Joan Ahrens, Victoria Rodriguez, and Veronica Rosales, Grossmont College; Sam Ballard, Leif Christiansen, and James Lu, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

Students Speak: Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Students’ Transfer Journeys: Lessons from a Systemwide Study of California Community College Students

Since the onset of the pandemic, educational institutions have had to make changes in both policy and practice to support students’ continuation of their education. A solid understanding of the community college experience specifically for transfer-motivated students can help colleges take the steps needed to support student success in the coming years as the nation emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation will share findings from a survey and focus groups with nearly 8,000 community college students who were close to transfer during the pandemic. Attendees will leave with an understanding of: (1) transfer-motivated students’ existing transfer plans at the onset of the pandemic and how their plans changed as a result of the pandemic (2) students’ experiences with access to transfer supports and information during the pandemic (3) ideas for how IRPE practitioners can leverage data to support their colleges’ efforts to support transfer students’ pathways during and post-pandemic.

Presenters: Katie Brohawn and Darla Cooper, The RP Group