Monday, May 27, 2024
The RP Group

Land Acknowledgement

 Land Acknowledgment

The Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges, more commonly known as The RP Group, acknowledges that we, in serving the community colleges across the state of California, operate on the unceded land of over 200 tribal nations. We acknowledge and honor California’s first peoples, the original inhabitants of these various regions and their descendants, for their resilience, strength, and sovereignty that they continue to demonstrate. Indigenous people are not relics of the past. They are still here and continue to demonstrate their gifts, expertise, and contributions to many fields, including the field of education, which brings us all together.

We at The RP Group commit to:

  • Support Native American students and other groups through research and professional development designed to identify and address their needs

  • Support and encourage our board and staff in learning about the history of Native people in California and this country and how it affects us today

California’s first peoples, the original inhabitants of these various regions

​This land acknowledgment is a critical step but only one in our commitment to pursuing continuous collaborations with the tribal nations of California, Native American researchers, faculty, and other college practitioners who support furthering Native American students’ success.

In crafting and sharing this acknowledgment publicly, we aim to bring awareness, increase understanding, and redress some of the inequities that have come from the founding of this country.

As our work becomes more informed by the past, present, and future of Native peoples, we expect that this acknowledgment will be updated to reflect our ongoing commitment to strengthen our awareness of historical and contemporary issues in California to reckon with our institutional legacy and its impact on the people, lands, and waters of this place, which are and always will be, inextricable.

To learn more about our approach to developing and presenting our land acknowledgment, please click here.