Sunday, December 4, 2022
The RP Group

Dr. Chialin Hsieh

Regional Board Member, SF East Bay

Dr. Hsieh is a Senior Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at Los Medanos College, oversees the college-wide planning and institutional effectiveness, and serves as Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). She is goal, solution, and participatory-oriented leader with over 20 years of experience (K-14 system) substantially improving academic programs, devising strategic plans, ensuring adherence to accreditation standards and providing leadership in institutional effectiveness. She leverages her expertise to lead her college’s Educational Master Plan planning team. She also led the development of the college’s Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, resulting in clear process of class scheduling, cancelation/adding classes, productivity, FTES, waitlist and headcount, as well as improved lines of communication between deans and faculty members.

She leads the program review processes that are integrated into the Guided Pathways framework by establishing functional teams for each pathway to support students. She also leads the Assessment System project, which focuses heavily on integrating student learning outcomes into college culture. She developed the Data Dashboard System, and helps create data democracy by providing concise training to faculty, staff, and administrators. She leads Integrated Planning and Institutional Effectiveness by creating common metrics and ensuring alignment with the state’s Vision for Success goals, the district’s strategic goals, and the college’s Educational Master Plan goals. Dr. Hsieh holds a BA in Chinese Music from Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, BM in Music Therapy, MM in Music Therapy, MA in Educational Leadership, and EdD in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.