BRIC Inquiry Guide-Research and Assessment for Noncredit Colleges and Programs

Jan 18, 2011  | 
Jessica Luedtke, RP Group

This inquiry guide responds to the need for addressing noncredit student learning in the ever-changing noncredit landscape. The guide will introduce components and strategies that can help colleges or programs evolve their information capacity—the institutional ability to identify, request, gather, disseminate, analyze, reflect upon, and transform data into action.

The strategies and solutions offered in this guide respond to specific challenges that continue to impact research of noncredit students by:
1. Addressing the complexities of gathering and measuring noncredit data
2. Focusing on current noncredit needs in assessing student learning and institutional effectiveness
3. Building a sound evidence-based infrastructure to help improve the quality and dissemination of actionable data and information
4. Creating evidence-based opportunities to improve teaching and learning

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